Project Category: Classic

Chicken Soup Base – Classic

Cook’s Delight’s chicken soup base is a delicious, gluten free base with roasted chicken meat as the main ingredient. Perfect for the home cook or a professional chef!

Au Jus Base – Classic

Cook’s Delight® Vegan Au Jus base is perfect for adding seasoning and beef flavor to your cooking in a plant-based way. This au jus has a robust meat flavor without meat products. It’s also gluten free, so this tasty soup base mix is tasty and perfect for any dish!

Beef Soup Base – Classic

This beef soup base from Cook’s Delight is made with roasted USDA inspected beef meat that adds to soup stocks and broths. Plus, it’s gluten free!

Clam Soup Base – Classic

Cook’s Delight’s classic clam base makes preparing delicious clam soup easy. Add it to any dish; soup, dip, you name it! Plus it’s gluten free and has no MSG.

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