A Great Weekend for Organic and Natural Food

Soup Base is Not Just for Soup – Porter Beef Pot Roast is a Hit!

The team at Integrative Flavors was pleased to participate in the National Restaurant Association’s International Food Expo in Chicago during the weekend of May 19-22.  In case you missed it, we’ve included a link to the 2018 Culinary Forecast – What’s Hot?, which provides (among other information) a list of the Top 20 Food Trends for 2018.  Healthful kids’ meals and ethnic breakfast items are a few of the top trends – make sure to check it out.

2018 Culinary Forecast – What’s Hot?  By the NRA

Our featured products this year were our Craft Beer inspired flavor bases – Porter Beef, Lobster Shandy, Chicken Weiss and Vegetable Ale.  We served homemade Pot Roast to our booth visitors, which was made in a slow cooker with our Porter Beef base and received exceptionally positive feedback from our passers-by.  Aside from the great taste of this alcohol-free beef base, we are happy to add that the base is super clean label – no MSG, gluten free and no chemical additives that are used in other bases to boost the beef flavor.  Porter Beef is a great all-purpose beef base for many foodservice applications and manufacturing.

Foodservice and industrial manufacturers who offer a differentiated product, a great customer service experience and superior quality to their customers are the ones who will thrive and grow in this economic environment.  Integrative Flavors’® Cook’s Delight® branded bases includes unique, savory solutions for operators that have requirements for certified gluten free, no big 8 allergens, low sodium, certified organic, and clean label attributes in the food that they produce for their customers. Our company prides itself on our excellent manufacturing practices and continual innovations, offering one-of-a-kind soup base and flavor concentrate products with exceptional culinary versatility.

Our team looks forward to connecting with you and having you join our satisfied customer list, which includes some of the nation’s largest restaurant chains, food manufacturers, food distributors, chefs, and foodservice operators.  Our customers have come to rely on us for menu inspirations as well as for responsive and outstanding customer service. Contact us to discuss private labeling opportunities that can add high quality bases to your distribution catalog.

We also offer the option to work with you to produce a custom or proprietary formulation for your business’ production needs (some conditions apply – call us!).  Our mission is to provide you with the perfect base ingredients for operational success in any situation, including those with special nutrition requirements.

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