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Save labor with Cook’s Delight® foodservice soup bases, flavor concentrates, sauce mixes and gravy bases. The culinary expertise and innovation behind the Cook’s Delight® brand translate into consistent, predictable flavor profiles that will win you loyalty from your customers.


Cook’s Delight® has a large selection of Stock Soup Bases that are available to customers with low minimum order requirements and short lead times.

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Why Branded Ingredients Create Value for Food Suppliers

Today’s consumers and buyers have more product choices than ever. Which brand? Which one is the best? Where should I buy it?

With all of these choices, buyers rely on what they know (or perceive) when selecting the most meaningful choice. It is the choice that best reflects what they want or need at a particular time. Good brands save time for the buyer, and the buyer often equates the best brand with the best product.

For manufacturers and food sellers, using branded ingredients can strengthen perceptions of their own existing brand, or can potentially add an entirely new set of brand attributes. Branded ingredients build brand equity, enhancing the final product’s value and providing a stronger point of differentiation among competitors.

How does using branded ingredients save the manufacturer and food service professional money and increase profits? Let’s take a look.

Branded Ingredients Help Control Yield Variances

If the ingredients that you purchase consistently produce different batch yields or flavors because of ever changing product attributes, then you are probably losing money and quality.

Branded Ingredients Have Quality and Consistency

Using branded products in food manufacturing provides consistency in taste, flavor and price that is not impacted by changes in the labor supply, staff turnover or access to seasonal commodities and ingredients.

Customer Support Provides Value

Established brands are more likely to have the infrastructure in place to handle exceptional shipping requests, allow payment terms for its customers, and respond more quickly to changes in regulatory and governmental changes.

Cook’s Delight Works in All Kitchens

Reduce the labor and up the flavor! Cook’s Delight® soup bases and flavor concentrates are a perfect fit for the foodservice menu and recipe needs across all foodservice segments. Cook’s Delight® soup bases and flavor concentrates give your recipes a consistent, predictable flavor profile. Take the guesswork out of quality management and save labor, too.


In healthcare, the versatile Cook’s Delight® soup base product line gives you flavor-packed solutions for all your special dietary needs. As a foundational ingredient for your low sodium soups, gluten free soups, soups with no big 9 allergens, vegetarian or vegan soups, and more, Cook’s Delight® has the perfect-fit option for your patients’ diet orders. And…drive up your Press Ganey scores.

K-12 Schools

Economical and easy, Cook’s Delight® soup base products boost the flavor in your menus. Maximize your menu impact with simple, quick-prep recipes. You can readily accommodate the special dietary needs of students, such as those with allergies or gluten free needs, with our soup bases free of big 9 allergens and gluten free soup bases.

College & University

With growing numbers of college students choosing vegetarian and clean label dining, Cook’s Delight® soup base products are a reliable ingredient, at an affordable cost. Cook’s Delight® soup base products are great for flexible ingredient solutions, and not just for soup: Our flavor concentrates power up your pizza, burgers, dips, salad dressings, and vegetables, too.


Soup creations and the highest level of culinary quality and safety are yours with Cook’s Delight® soup base products. Discover our range of ingredients suited to your quantity soup production needs. With flexible pack sizes and so many soup bases to choose from, Cook’s Delight® has the answer to your ingredient needs. 

Restaurants & Catering

Today’s restaurant and catering operators are striving for new ways to meet consumer demand and expand profitability with labor-efficient, on-trend foodservice recipes. With versatile foodservice menu applications, every package of Cook’s Delight® soup base you open in your foodservice kitchen helps you soup up your menu success!


The hospitality industry is a broad category of fields within service industry that includes lodging, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise lines, and more. Cook’s Delight® helps these industries, too!

Better choices. Better flavors. Better customer loyalty.

Research by Technomic (Left Side of the Menu: Soup & Salad Consumer Trend Report, February 2014) confirms that soup drives customer loyalty. Forty-six percent of consumers said they visit certain restaurants specifically because they enjoy the soup. About half of consumers say it’s important that soup be bundled with other items. Also, half of consumers want to try new and unique soups. In fact more than one-third of foodservice customers say they order soup from the menu specifically to try a new soup variety.

Vegetarian and Vegan

With the growing number of diners choosing vegetarian and vegan menu items Cook’s Delight® soup bases provide flexible ingredient solutions for large volume food production. Our bases are not just for soups. Cook’s Delight® vegetarian and vegan soup bases and flavor concentrates enhance the flavor of almost any meatless recipe.


Your customers demand healthy taste options, and want to feel confident that their food is organic. Our Non-GMO certified organic soup bases are choices that are full of flavor, healthy, and what your customers demand. We go beyond industry standards: we rise to your standards.

Ethnic Flavors

Variety is the spice of life, and the heart of flavor. When you are looking for flavors to meet and exceed your customer expectations, you need our ethnic and fusion bases. Our food scientistes are here to help you expand your creativity, amplify your offerings, and create flavors for every taste.

Foodservice Distributors and Brokers

Cook’s Delight® is pleased to offer unique opportunities to foodservice distributors. Private label soup bases and flavor concentrates are available. We work with foodservice brokers as well, and welcome broker inquiries. Contact us to connect with our sales rep in your area.

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We are a customer service focused sales organization so we look for the same quality in our suppliers.”

Integrative Flavors® provides us with high quality products and backs them up with great customer service. We can count on Cook’s Delight brand soup bases to provide value to our customers.”

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