Supplier Certifications = Quality, Standards & Opportunity

Finding Suppliers that Align with Your Goals

Industrial buyers have more choices than ever before when selecting quality ingredient products for their manufacturing and sales teams. In addition to increased product choice, government regulations and food industry watchdog groups continue to place a much stronger emphasis on food safety and quality, so evaluating and selecting the right supplier partnerships has become more critical and an increasingly complex activity. With more choice and more accountability comes the added responsibility for finding suppliers that align with the manufacturer’s vision and business goals, as well as match up for price, flavor, logistics, quality standards and overall company attributes.

Certifications help industrial buyers sort through the market of choice by using established and industry accepted standards to identify a potential supplier’s commitment to quality, food safety and economic empowerment. A certification shows that a supplier is willing to invest in a continuous improvement process and outside, independent verification of its work product so that its manufacturing partners can be assured of high standards when selecting that supplier partner for a contract opportunity.

As a supplier of quality ingredients to the world’s finest manufacturers, Integrative Flavors® supports its manufacturing partners by investing in certifications for quality, food safety and economic empowerment. As the  manufacturer of Cook’s Delight® soup bases, Integrative Flavors® seeks its own suppliers that exhibit this same commitment to quality. Our commitment to achieving the highest level of excellence in our industry aligns with our business strategy and goals and communicates to our manufacturing partners that we are committed to their success, as well as our own.

Please contact our sales team in order to discuss how our products and certifications can add value to your manufacturing and sales process.

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