Project Category: Gluten Free

Vegetable Soup Base – Organic

This organic vegetable soup base is plant-based, clean label, gluten free, and certified organic by QAI. This vegan soup base has excellent vegetable flavor!

Beef Soup Base Low Sodium – Simply

This low sodium beef base from Cook’s Delight is clean label, gluten free, no MSG, and no Big 8 Allergens base. A healthy and delicious choice for your next soup base!

Ham Soup Base Low Sodium – Supreme

For a low sodium ham soup base, look no further than Cook’s Delight’s soup mix. It’s a healthy choice for any kitchen because it’s gluten free, clean label, no MSG added, and no Big 8 Allergens!

Chicken Soup Base – Classic

Cook’s Delight’s chicken soup base is a delicious, gluten free base with roasted chicken meat as the main ingredient. Perfect for the home cook or a professional chef!

Chicken Soup Base – Supreme

This chicken soup base is great for your next soup with supreme flavor. It’s clean label, gluten free, no MSG, no Big 9 Allergens, and tasty, so it’s perfect for both home cooks and professional chefs!

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