Pizza of a Different Color

You Don’t Have to be a Pizza Place to Profit from this Versatile Food

People like pizza. We Americans eat over 3 BILLION pizzas every year and 94% of us have enjoyed at least one in the last month. It stands to reason that, with so many pizzas being served, variations on the standard red sauce are becoming more and more popular. You can find pizzas with BBQ sauce, pesto, and alfredo and the possibilities truly become endless when you start to use your imagination. This is where Cook’s Delight® flavor bases can help get your creative juices flowing while cutting down prep time for that last minute flatbread appetizer special or star pizza special for the weekend.

Cook’s Delight® Chipotle Chili Flavor Concentrate can add authentic flavor to a Latin or Southwest style pizza that might feature any combination of fresh jalapeño, corn, cilantro, roasted green chiles, mango, onion, carnitas pork, fajita style steak or chicken or even shrimp. You can use Cook’s Delight® Simply Roasted Red Bell Pepper Concentrate to amp up the flavor of your curry for an Indian inspired pizza or use our Simply Vegan Vegetable Soup Base to stretch your Asian bbq sauce when you want it to cover a few more pies. It becomes fun and exciting and your guests will be coming back looking to try your latest creation.

Cook’s Delight® Roasted Garlic Concentrate has many uses for pizza and you can even add it to your dough for amazing breadsticks and garlic infused crust. Use it to create your signature red sauce or to build a unique pizza base inspired by dishes from around the world. Check out our Artichoke and Mushroom pizza recipe!

You don’t have to be a pizza place to profit from the popularity of this incredibly versatile food. You can add a pizza to your appetizer menu based on a flatbread, pita, naan or lavash. Consider how you can wow your guests by looking beyond traditional red sauce pizza while having fun with ingredients you may already have on hand. Cook’s Delight® is here to make it easy!

Go Forth, make Pizza!

Chef Jim Chaddock



Jim Chaddock


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