Seasoning for fish with Herbs and Cook's Delight seafood soup base

Fish Seasoning Recipe


Cook’s Delight® seafood soup bases enhance and extend the flavor of marinades for fish recipes. Easy to make recipe. Check out our full product list in order to explore the possibilities.  Shrimp soup base is available on Amazon in individual quantities.

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New England
This Recipe Is:
4 Lunch Gluten Free Cook’s Delight® Seafood Bases


  • 1 tbsp Cook’s Delight® seafood soup base (or try Fish or Clam or Lobster)
  • Herbs - choose your favorite (dill & chive or cilantro & green onion etc.)
  • 1/2 cup oil

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Step 1

Combine the Cook’s Delight® seafood base of your choice with herbs and oil.

Step 2

Gently rub mixture onto fish before grilling, broiling or sautéing. Do not add salt.

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