C&U Foodservice: How to Improve Gluten Free Foodservice

Concerning findings for gluten free food service

The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness has some concerning findings regarding gluten free C&U foodservice guests’ experience. According to them, 3 out of 5 gluten free guests in C&U:

  • “Believe that their Dining Services Director or staff does not have sufficient knowledge about the gluten-free diet,” and
  • “Report being ‘glutened’ or becoming sick from eating at a dining hall or foodservice establishment on campus”.

Support for gluten free dining is now a consideration for many young people in choosing a college. There are many online rankings available to college-seekers, such as Best Colleges Online’s list of colleges that cater to gluten free students and the Celiac.com list of notable colleges. Gluten free recognition is a selling point for some audiences, as well as a boon to a college or university’s reputation. See this gluten free recognition from Ithaca College for an example.Failure to accommodate a gluten free dietary restriction for a student with celiac disease can lead to legal liability as a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Read more on the Special Nutrition page of the Cook’s Delight® website. The bottom line is that ensuring student safety and reducing liability for gluten free errors are top-of-mind for every campus dining operation.

A Gallup Poll tells us that 1 in 5 Americans chooses gluten free foods, far above and beyond the estimated 1% of the population that has celiac disease. Whether or not health risk is a factor, a foodservice provider’s reputation is always on the line with those who make the gluten free dietary choice.


Gluten Free Quick Guide Educational Poster

You can strengthen your staff’s awareness and knowledge base with a free PDF poster called Gluten Free Quick Guide.  Add it to your next training session. Provide it as an ongoing reference in the kitchen.  Integrative Flavors® is proud to support foodservice leaders nationwide with soup base options that are gluten free, with R&D and quality control programs you can rely upon.  

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Ensuring Gluten Free Food Service

To ensure gluten free dining for students, a large foodservice operation may create totally separate production areas, allowing for full control of cross contact hazards. Throughout the flow of food, cross contact hazards must be managed. Staff knowledge is crucial to prevent errors. In addition, staff must be trained to communicate thoughtfully with patrons and check any and every product question through a defined standard operating procedure.

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