Poutine on the Ritz!

Poutines and the Unexpected Flavor Twist

The poutine is a Canadian dish, originating in the diners and greasy spoons of Quebec. The classic poutine consists of French fries, cheese curds and light brown gravy and can be found popping up on menus all across the country.

One of the great things about a poutine is how easily it lends itself to creative interpretation. Any restaurant that has fries on the menu could do well to offer a poutine. The gravy could be anything you’re already serving or something new you’re dying to try. If your restaurant serves craft beer, consider making a sauce out of a porter, a stout or a black lager. If you have Italian entrees on your menu, an alfredo, vodka or marsala sauce translates easily without adding much, if anything to the kitchen’s prep list. You can try Mexican Molés, Asian glazes and Indian curries and really please your guests with a fun version of this classic dish.

Don’t be afraid to try this with sweet potato fries or tatertots! You can also season the fries to pair nicely with the theme of your poutine, chili-lime salt for a south-of-the-border flavor, or truffle salt with mushroom gravy.

Poutines are a great way to take America’s deep love of French fries and give them an unexpected twist. Make the most out of ingredients you already have on hand and bring some excitement to your menu and to the table!

Cook’s Delight® bases enhance the background flavor of poutines.  Add our recipes to your foodservice collection.

Drunken Shroom Poutine – Steak, mushrooms, Porter beer and Cook’s Delight® mushroom flavor concentrate provide the foundation of this flavorful poutine.

Vodka Shrimp Poutine – An upscale variation of the traditional poutine. Substitute lobster or scallops for the shrimp for additional menu selections.

Pork Molé Poutine – This poutine combines ethnic ingredients for explosive flavor. Enjoy the fusion of ancho, guajillo and mulato chiles along with other delicious flavors.

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Jim Chaddock


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