RCA Expo Reflections

Soupbase is Not Just for Soup

Our team member, Liz, worked our booth at the RCA this year. Read her personal post about how she experienced the show as a first time attendee and how she helped contribute to our team’s great experience in Louisville.

The Research Chefs Association Show is consistently one of the most unique annual food shows. Chefs, students, and companies alike show off their most imaginative creations in the hopes of progressing the modern culinary scene. This year was no exception. Louisville, Kentucky was equal parts scenic playground and source of inspiration. Takes on regional cuisine such as bourbon cocktails, hot browns, and Derby pie abounded. Our team was excited to jump in on the action. Our goal was to show that soup base can be used for more than just soup. We wanted to unleash the possibilities. At a show filled with research chefs on the cutting edge of cuisine, it can be hard to stand out. Despite this, we looked inward for inspiration. What did we find unique about our soup bases? Over a two week period we tested and perfected a bevy of recipes to spotlight our product. We eventually decided on three. These three recipes showed that the use of our products was only limited by imagination.

Buffalo Chicken Dip

The first appetizer was Buffalo Chicken Dip. A classic, crowd-pleasing dip enhanced with Cook’s Delight® Supreme Chicken Base and Cook’s Delight® Simply Chipotle Chili Concentrate. It was served with celery and a green onion garnish. This recipe displayed how well multiple bases can combine while still not adding too much saltiness. It also showed how easy it is to use Cook’s Delight® products to enhance already beloved recipes. The Buffalo Chicken Dip was one of the favorites for anyone who visited the booth. Even our team working the show had a hard time keeping their hands off of it!

Faux Roe Hors D’oeuveres

Faux Roe made with Cook’s Delight® Supreme Shrimp soup base. The second recipe featured was our Faux Roe Hors D’oeuvres. Delicate imitation roe pearls made with Cook’s Delight® Supreme Shrimp Base SF-228. It was served on crackers with a cream cheese spread and fresh dill. The molecular gastronomy principle of spherification was definitely eye catching. The simplicity of the roe pearls made the clean yet powerful taste of our shrimp base the star. Many people couldn’t even tell that the “roe” was homemade at first glance! The culinary students attending were the most fascinated by the process.


Mexican Hot Chocolate Spread

For the last recipe, we took our base in an unexpected direction; dessert! Mexican Hot Chocolate Spread was the name of the game. A full-bodied, sweet dip with the perfect amount of kick. Delicious chili flavor was provided by Cook’s Delight® Simply Chipotle Chili Concentrate. It was served on graham crackers with toasted marshmallows on top. Many people were surprised to hear that we’d used a savory flavor concentrate in such a dainty dessert. We were proud to explain that our chipotle base had only 6 ingredients and minimal salt. The base is also Ready to Eat (RTE) so it didn’t require cooking. This all combined to create the perfect amount of heat and flavor without it being too salty or vegetal. This recipe was the perfect way to rope in people who were too full from sampling but couldn’t turn down such a cute dessert.

All in all, we considered our quest to expand the perceptions of soup base to be a RCA 2019 food expo with Cook’s Delight® chipotle chili shrimp and chicken base success. Nothing is more gratifying than walking away from a show with very few leftovers. Beyond the food, it was great to bond with old friends and new acquaintances alike. The food may be what draws people into the RCA but it’s people that truly give the event its heart. We thank everyone for their interest and can’t wait for next years show!

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