Therein Lies the Rub!

There are No Rules in Creating Your Own Rubs

Of all culinary styles, barbecue is truly American. Now that June is here and summer seems to have finally arrived, people everywhere are firing up their grills and smokers and carefully selecting their favorite cuts to rub, brine and slather with sauce.

We won’t argue the virtues of vinegar vs. tomato based sauce or whether the coleslaw goes on the side or on top of your sandwich (it goes on top!). One thing is universal, top pit masters are always looking for ways to amp up the flavor on the plate.

When you’re picking up supplies for barbecue, you probably don’t think about soup base, but Cook’s Delight® soup bases can really add some depth of flavor to your favorite rubs. The next time you prep chicken for the grill, try a bit of Cook’s Delight® chicken soup base in your rub. Many competitive pit masters inject meat with soup base, apple juice and spices to enhance the flavor and juiciness of the finished product and one of the best tricks is to use your favorite Cook’s Delight® product to turn your rub into a paste to get that extra flavor and good adhesion to the meat.

There are no rules here! We have friends that rub their pork with chicken base and you’d be amazed with what you can do with Cook’s Delight® Chipotle Pepper or Roasted Garlic flavor concentrates. Get Crazy! All that matters is the big smiles you’ll see on your guest’s faces when they take that first bite and realize they came to the right place!

Try our gluten free recipe for Brisket Rub using Cook’s Delight® Organic Beef Stock.

Explore our Cook’s Delight® Soup Bases and Flavor Concentrates and learn how our soup bases can help you create better recipes and delight your customers.  
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Jim Chaddock

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