Foodservice & Millennials: Flavors & Foods Trending Now

Flavor Is An Adventure

For Millennials, ages 18-34, taste and enjoyment trump traditional attributes of healthful food, according to Jeff From writing in Forbes (2/8/17). Food is less about specific nutrients and more Foodservice: Millennial menu flavors include bold, ethnic, umami. Beverage flavors for Millennials include bitter, sour, and botanical. Food with a conscience.about the brand experience. And the experience is often shared—through photos, social networks, and casual conversation.

“Diet” or “fat-free” are terms that definitely lack appeal. Data from GrubHub tell us college students are much less likely than other patrons to request healthy substitutions, such as “no mayo” or “dressing on the side.” Nutrition labels mean less to Millennials than to older generations, but health does still count. For example, FoodService Director’s 2017 C&U Census indicates 32% of campus diners want more healthy options.

Flavor, for a Millennial, is an adventure. For the adventure to work, the food has to be interesting and the menu can never fall into a rut. This is apparent in the findings that more than a third of millennials order something different every time they visit a restaurant; almost half of Millennials say their preferences change with the seasons. So, while exploring flavor trends, be sure to keep moving. Change is the quintessential ingredient.

What College & University Students Want with Their Food

Although the look of the label remains the same, the information updates are aimed at ensuring consumers have the information they need to make informed decisions about what they eat.

  • Plant-Based Food: 88% want more plant-based foods
  • Grab ‘n Go Options: 64% want more ethical grab’n’go options.
  • Themed Days and Special Events: 50% of campus diners love themed days and special events.
  • Variety in Menu Options: 36% of campus diners want greater variety in menus.
  • Special Nutrition: 31% believe gluten-free eating improves overall health.

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Millennial-friendly Recipes

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Yes, pizza is still #1 in popularity, but there’s pizza and there’s pizza adventure. The pizza trend is: How adventurous or actually weird can it become? Have you tried peaches, Cobb salad, sweet potatoes, gyro meat, and pickle relish on pizza yet? If not, there is a chance you may not be a Millennial.

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