3 Tips to Survive Your Cleanse

Cleanses are Difficult – Try These Tips to Make it Easier

Elimination diets are all the rage at the moment. If you aren’t on a cleanse diet right now or haven’t tried it, it’s guaranteed that you know someone who has. Everyone on social media has at least one friend who is posting daily about how wonderful they feel eating minuscule amounts of food and the beautiful monk-like calm that comes from eating clean.

Despite the testimonials, cleansing is difficult. To eliminate all starch, sugar, gluten, fat, etc… makes it challenging to prepare delicious meals and the cravings can be hard to endure.

Here are some tips to help you survive your cleanse! The versatility of soup base allows you to add great flavor while keeping to the cleanse.

1. Smoke It or Grill It!

The nice thing about using a smoker or grill is that you can impart a lot of flavor to meats and vegetables without having to sauté them in oil or cover them with a fatty or sugary sauce. A smoker not only does wonders for lean chicken or fish, it can work magic on sweet onions, cherry tomatoes and red cabbage. Include these smoky treats in your salads or steamed veggies to add the umami that can really help make a healthy meal satiating.

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2. Try using Cook’s Delight® Soup Bases to prep veggies!

All of us have had delicious vegetable dishes that involve sautéing in oil or adding bacon or pork belly. Try using Cook’s Delight® Ham or Vegan Vegetable soup stock to braise collard greens or kale and add a touch of lemon juice or tamari. Roasting whole mushrooms in the oven and ladling Cook’s Delight® Mushroom soup stock over them every 5 minutes until tender gives you an incredibly flavorful item to add to your mix of greens and lean meats. Even broccoli and Brussels sprouts, which normally shine with butter, can be great poached in some Cook’s Delight® Chicken soup stock or Organic Vegetable soup stock.

3. Soup it Up!

Not all soup has to be cheesy or creamy. You can use leftovers and add meats or go vegetarian. Use your favorite Cook’s Delight® Soup Base and some fresh herbs and make yourself something satisfying that is a nice change of pace from your staple salads.  Adding Cook’s Delight® Roasted Red Pepper Concentrate to stewed tomatoes with fresh basil and sweet onions from the smoker adds a nice twist to classic tomato soup. Even after your cleanse is over, you’ll be making this soup over and over, and with a grilled cheese!

Ethnic foods and peppers are very popular! Try our featured Roasted Poblano Chicken Soup with Cook’s Delight Organic Chicken Soup Base. This gluten free recipe can be modified to fit a variety of cleanse guidelines.

While the modern trend to cleanse may be just another fad diet, it’s never a bad idea to eat healthy and clean. You can reset your taste buds’ expectations for sugar and fat and establish healthy portion control. Hopefully these tips can help you out if you decide to give it a whirl and don’t want to sacrifice FLAVOR!

Chef Jim Chaddock



Jim Chaddock

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